What is SEO and its Different Types of Digital Marketing

In the digital age, the traditional form of marketing is fast getting replaced by digital marketing. The latter is cost-effective, gives higher ROI and is perhaps the best way to connect with the masses. Digital marketing integrates various elements to give powerful results. One of its main components is SEO or search engine optimization. 


SEO is a necessary part of online marketing that boosts visibility, allowing your product or service to rank higher in search results. In simple terms, when a customer looks for a related product on search engines like Google, Bing or more, they will come across your brand. With better visibility, your business with garner attention which in turn will boost your customer base and increase profitability. 


How does SEO work?

SEO is used by every business to gain popularity and rank high in search engine results. No digital marketing strategy is complete without the proper use of SEO. This is why it is important to have an in-depth understanding of this element of digital marketing. 


We regularly search for various things on Google and are provided with a consolidated list of results. Ever wondered how that happens? Search engines make use of bots that crawl through various sites and collect all the relevant information about those pages. This information is then put in an index which is like a giant online library from where results can be extracted as per the search keywords. 


Another important part is the algorithm which analyzes all the pages that are put in the index. It is this algorithm that determines the order in which pages should appear, keeping the most relevant results on top. 


Types of SEO 

It is evident that SEO has a very important role to play in digital marketing and can boost the visibility of your brand immensely. This marketing tool is an essential unit of the organic search strategy and has 12 different types. 


On-page SEO 

All the initiatives done to make a web page rank higher are part of on-page SEO. This includes high-quality content, meta tags and more. 


Off-page SEO 

All external ranking factors such as social media marketing, link building and more fall under off-page SEO 


Technical SEO 

The purpose of technical SEO is to help bots in interpreting and indexing your site pages. 


White-Hat SEO 

All optimization techniques that fall under Google search engine guidelines are called white-hat SEO. 


Black-Hat SEO 

The opposite of white-hat SEO is black-hat SEO where every available loophole or weakness in the Google search algorithm is used to boost search engine ranking. 


Grey-Hat SEO 

Grey-hat SEO is often used to get quick results and mainly consists of tactics like clickbait content, paid reviews and more. 


Negative SEO 

Negative SEO is largely an unethical practice used to make your competitor’s ranking suffer. 


Local SEO 

Local businesses make use of this SEO to gain visibility in a limited physical location. Local stores and brands who are keen to draw visitors from the nearby region or within the city make use of such tactics. 


Mobile SEO 

Optimizing a website with the intent of making it mobile-friendly is called Mobile SEO. 


Ecommerce SEO 

This type of SEO is used to optimize the online stores or e-commerce websites of a business. 


International SEO 

International SEO aims at optimizing a website with the aim of driving traffic from multiple places and regions. 


Content SEO 

Content SEO as the name suggests is done to boost the ranking of content through keyword stuffing and more. 

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