18 Best DNS Servers for Gaming in 2023

The Importance Of DNS Servers In Gaming

When you browse the internet, a system called DNS (Domain Name System) converts domain names into IP addresses. As a result, they enable users to access multiple websites and other online resources while they are browsing the internet.

DNS affects your gaming experience even though it has no direct impact on how a player controls characters in online games. By reducing your ping time, for example, quicker DNS servers can improve your gaming experience.

The finest DNS servers for gaming are listed below for your consideration.


1. Google Public DNS

Primary DNS  Secondary DNS

If you don’t want to use your default DNS, you can access the internet using this free public DNS from Google. Using Google Public DNS will probably result in more accurate results, improved performance, and increased security. Additionally, the DNS makes the web quicker and more secure while easing the burden on DNS servers operated by ISPs. Google Public DNS is incredibly dependable when it comes to gaming. Google Public DNS will improve your gaming experience.


2. Cloudflare

Primary DNS  Secondary DNS

If you’re a seasoned gamer, you already know that Cloudflare is one of the world’s fastest DNS. It is appropriate for boosting the gaming experience on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5. The advantage of Cloudflare DNS is that it never divulges user information to outside parties. Additionally, using this DNS is absolutely safe, so you don’t need to worry about privacy issues. Users of Cloudflare benefit from quick connections and excellent, round-the-clock customer service.


3. Quad9

Primary DNS  Secondary DNS

If you want a DNS server for gaming that has the endorsement of well-known IT firms like IBM, choose QUAD9. This DNS is a totally free, open-source solution that protects user security and privacy. By cutting off the connection to harmful websites, QUAD9 safeguards users. Additionally, neither the IP addresses nor the registered data of users are recorded. As a result, you can relax knowing that QUAD9 will keep you safe from online threats and crimes as you play your favourite game.


4. Open DNS

Primary DNS  Secondary DNS 67.222.222

This DNS has over 90 million users worldwide and offers a wide range of filtering options and parental settings. The advantage of OpenDNS servers is that they may filter out pornographic content, making them appropriate for family gaming. One of the greatest gaming DNSes available on the market, this DNS is quicker than Cloudflare. The Google DNS capabilities and tools are also available through its VIP edition.


5. CleanBrowsing

Primary DNS  Secondary DNS

Let’s now have a look at this fantastic, cost-free DNS server for online gaming. With its many filtering settings, CleanBrowsing offers consumers the finest security. When using CleanBrowsing, you don’t have to be concerned about phishing and malicious websites. By purchasing one of this DNS’s premium plans, users can also gain access to enhanced features. To have a seamless gaming experience without jeopardising your internet security and privacy, use this DNS.


6. Comodo Secure DNS

Primary DNS  Secondary DNS

Are you trying to find the fastest and safest DNS server for browsing the web? Choosing Comodo Secure DNS might be beneficial in that case. By using this DNS, you can play any online game without running the risk of being attacked online. Keep in mind that there is nothing you need to download or install in order to utilise Comodo Secure DNS. To enjoy a smooth and significantly faster gaming experience, you must setup the DNS settings of your networks using the Comodo DNS IP address.


7. Alternate DNS

Primary DNS  Secondary DNS

The best option to buying the finest DNS servers for gaming is offered by Alternate DNS, as the name suggests. Users can block adult, dangerous, malware, trackers, and other hazardous content thanks to its incredible features. To use its premium features, however, you must purchase its Family Premium DNS for $2 per month. When using Alternate DNS, your surfing experience is also quicker. Additionally, the DNS has respectable performance and works with both IPv4 and IPv6 protocols.


8. Verisign Public DNS

Primary DNS  Secondary DNS

For gamers seeking network security and stability, this DNS is recommended. Using this tool won’t put your internet security at risk because it doesn’t exchange user information with outside parties. Gamers use Verisign Public DNS because it prioritises reliability, privacy, and security more than other providers in the sector. Verisign’s compatibility with Windows, Linux, Mac, and other operating systems is a plus.


9. OpenNic

Primary DNS  Secondary DNS

If you want a better gaming experience, using OpenNic DNS servers is always a good choice. Compared to utilising your default DNS server, it is much, much better. Using OpenNic will safeguard your privacy because it will keep you safe from intruders. Although it might not be the finest DNS server available, it will allow you to play video games without any lag.


10. SafeDNS

Primary DNS  Secondary DNS

SafeDNS is the final option on the list of the top DNS servers for online gaming. It offers players a stable and dependable defence against all kinds of assaults. You can play your preferred game without worrying about your privacy or online security. SafeDNS has the advantage of not storing user IP addresses or disclosing their registered information.


11. GreenTeam:

Another top DNS server for gaming that ensures a quick connection is GreenTeam. Your devices are better protected against viruses, botnets, and adult content when you use GreenTeam. GreenTeam’s free edition offers security and a quick connection, but you must upgrade to the premium version if you want control over your DNS server.

Primary DNS  Secondary DNS

12. Free DNS

One of the top DNS servers for online gaming is FreeDNS, which is headquartered in Austria. It offers a simple setup without DS log queries. As a result, you can be certain that your data and information are secure. When playing online, FreeDNS prevents lag and buffering. Also, this top DNS server is certain to provide a fast connection. We can bring out FreeDNS’s national rather than global focus as a drawback. Without logging in, you can access material by using the safe FreeDNS service. Visit the FreeDNS website to sign up for a free account or to buy a premium plan.

13. DYN

DYN gives its consumers the same experience of fixed ping access and a quick, secure data center as the other solutions mentioned. Additionally, it safeguards your data from the majority of phishing and hacking attacks. Common domain type correction is part of DYN.

Primary DNS  Secondary DNS

14. Level 3

One of the top DNS servers for gaming that offers a quick internet connection without lags is Level3. It is the best DNS server available, surpassing OpenDNS, Cloudflare, and Google. You need top-notch hardware to use this DNS and benefit from its superior functionality. A free DNS service called Level3 protects your data and upholds your privacy.

Primary DNS  Secondary DNS

15. Uncensored DNS

In Western Hemisphere nations, unrestricted internet access is preferable. You may transport and save your data swiftly and securely by utilizing Uncensored DNS. Your data will be secure because DNS providers do not track or store any information. Additionally, it provides a range of security features, including ad filtering and virus prevention. The UncensoredDNS service is quick and provides the highest level of anonymity for all of your DNS requests.

16. DNS Watch

A free DNS server called DNS.WATCH offers an unrestricted, quick, and reliable web browsing experience. However, it also provides a variety of security features, like ad filtering and virus protection. The UncensoredDNS service will handle your DNS requests fast and in complete privacy. Additionally, using DSN.WATCH ensures that your online connection is uninterrupted and that you have a lag-free gaming experience. Your data will never be sold to a third party by DSN.WATCH. It is accessible on a variety of gadgets. Users of PC, MAC, and Linux computers, as well as PS4 and PS5 consoles, can select this DNS and benefit from its advantages.

Primary DNS  Secondary DNS

17. Norton ConnectSafe

Additionally, Norton ConnectSafe is a great DNS for gaming. By using this DNS server, users can experience great speed and responsiveness with less lag and latency. Since the game guards your device from viruses, phishing scams, and other hazards, you may enjoy playing it while staying safe. One of the top DNS servers also provides real-time protection, background processing, no slowdowns, and the banning of harmful content. You must remember, nevertheless, that Norton ConnectSafe cannot serve as a substitute for antivirus software.


18. Neustar

Neustar is renowned for its strong security and its ability to maintain constant ping, however when compared to Cloudflare in a geo-tested environment, it maintains constant ping and cuts it from 5 to 10 ms; it may be a suitable alternative to utilize to maintain constant ping.

Primary DNS Secondary DNS


The way that you find Fastest DNS

Finding the fastest DNS typically depends on your location and the distance between DNS servers. If you wish to experience faster upload, download, and ping times, it is crucial. Here is a short instruction on how to locate the fastest DNS in your area.


Step 1: Launch Google and type “DNS benchmark” into the search bar (without quotes).

Step 2: Select “GRC’s | DNS Nameserver Performance Benchmark” from the findings page’s menu.

Step 3: After the GRC page has loaded, scroll down to the “Download Now” link to download, unpack, and then drag the software to your desktop.

Step 4: Double-click the downloaded file from your desktop. Click the “Nameservers” tab after navigating there.

Step 5: Select “Run Benchmark” and give DNS Benchmark permission to refresh the list. Be patient because it can take a few minutes to complete.

Step 6: After the speed test is finished, DNS Benchmark prompts you to make a unique DNS benchmarking list so that the results are accurate for your system, location, and connection.

Step 7: From the generated list, you can quickly determine which DNS is the fastest for your system. To improve your gaming or browsing, you can change your default DNS.



Now that you are aware of some of the top DNS servers, you may use them to improve your gaming and regular online browsing experiences. Use one of the aforementioned alternative DNS to improve your online privacy and security and gaming experience if you are unsatisfied with the DNS that your ISP has given you.

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