4 Methods to Download OnlyFans Videos (Updated)

Since its launch, the OnlyFans video streaming service has expanded consistently. In addition to hosting an estimated 170 million registered subscribers from various nations, the social media website employs approximately 1.5 million authors globally. The OnlyFans video platform levies a subscription fee in order to maintain the motivation of content producers who profit from viewership. Although it is difficult to get videos straight from OnlyFans video, there are workarounds you may employ to download files from their website. You can follow the workaround advice provided below to understand how to download OnlyFans Videos.

1. Using YTSaver to download videos from OnlyFans

One of the preferred methods for downloading videos from OnlyFans is the YTSaver. You can convert your video files into the popular video formats with the YTSaver, another programme for video conversion. 20 more video file types, including MP4, MP3, MOV, and AAC, are supported by YTSaver. High-quality file formats like 8K, 4K, 2K, and 1080p can be saved using this method. Users using Windows or Mac computers can use the video downloader and converter. You can use YTSaver to download videos from OnlyFans by following the instructions below.

Step 1: Before installing YTSaver on your computer, go to the official website and download it.

Step 2: Open the YTSaver application on your computer before selecting Preferences from the menu.

Step 3: Before choosing your favourite video output quality from the Video Output section, click on the Download tab.

Step 4: Before utilising the YTSaver on the built-in browser, select the Online tab.

Step 5: Enter your login information to access your OnlyFans account.

Step 6: Prior to hitting the Download option on OnlyFans, choose your chosen video.

Step 7: Locate the onlyFans video you saved by going to your Download folder.

2. Using the OnlyFans Chrome Extension to Save your Preferred Video

The OnlyFans Chrome addon is a compact and user-friendly solution for downloading OnlyFans videos. When you watch images or videos from the OnlyFans video streaming platform, the Chrome extension adds a Download button to the video. You can use the Chrome extension to download videos from OnlyFans by following the instructions listed below.

Step 1: Launch Chrome and select the three dots in the upper-right corner of the screen.

Step 2: Before selecting the extension choices, hover over the More tools option.

Step 3: To install the OnlyFans Chrome extension, either search for it in the extension section of Chrome or drag and drop the extension file there.

Step 4: Restart Chrome and go to the OnlyFans website before downloading the video you want to download from the video streaming website.

3. Using Downloader PRO To Download Videos From OnlyFans

You can use the Chrome extension application Video Downloader PRO to download OnlyFans videos in high definition. To use Downloader PRO to download the OnlyFans video, simply follow the steps listed below.

Step 1: Before downloading the video downloader PRO chrome extension to your computer, is to look for it online.

Step 2: Launch Chrome and select the three vertical dots in the top-right corner of the window.

Step 3: Before selecting the Extensions option, move the mouse pointer over the More tools option.

Step 4: After that, drag and drop the video downloader PRO extension file into the section for file extensions.

Step 5: To have the modifications take effect, do Step 5 by restarting your Chrome browser.

Step 6: Log in with your credentials to the OnlyFans website and blog.

Step 7: Choose your favourite video or image and press the download button to have it downloaded.

4. Using UniTube to Download High Quality Videos From OnlyFans

High-quality videos from OnlyFans can also be downloaded using the UniTube video downloader. The full name of the UniTube is the VidJuice UniTube. A third-party app called VidJuice UniTube is accessible to PC and Android users. Four pricing tiers are available for the VidJuice UniTube programme: a one-month plan costs $9.25, a one-year plan costs $19.95, a lifetime subscription costs $29.95, and a family plan costs $39.95. Utilizing the VidJuice UniTube software, you can download videos from OnlyFans by following the steps listed below.

Step 1: Before downloading the installation programme, go to the VidjuiceUnitube program’s official page.

Step 2: Before running the software, install VidJuice Unitube on your PC.

Step 3: Prior to choosing your favourite video quality and output format, click on the Preference section.

Step 4: Locate the built-in UniTube browser and start it by licking on it after clicking the Online tab.

Step 5: Go to the OnlyFans video streaming website and sign in using your credentials.

Step 6: Look through the available video content until you find the video you want to download.

Step 7: Play your video before selecting the Download option when it shows.

Step 8: To access your video file, go to and find your storage location.

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Before using the aforementioned techniques to download videos from the site, you must first pay your OnlyFans monthly fees. If you do not already have an account with OnlyFans, you can create one there and sign up for a payment plan there. The lowest subscription package retails for $ 4.99 per month, and the maximum subscription retails for $ 49.99 per month. The pricing for the subscription plans is subject to change, so keep checking the official OnlyFans website for updates.

To access OnlyFans videos without paying the subscription costs, there are alternative workaround options that you can utilise. One approach is tricking the OnlyFans site into thinking you are the rightful account user by using media hacks. You can use the Tor search engine to look for social media hacking tools. To prevent computer hacks, you should only download applications with reliable reviews. Finding premium account leaks online that you may use to get through or get around the OnlyFans login security checks is the second workaround option.


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