5 Reasons for Startups to Choose ASP.NET Over Node.js

Choosing the appropriate technology stack is critical for application development. For server-side programming, developers all around the world use the .NET and NodeJS platforms. With so many choices in the market, it can be difficult for developers and company owners to pick between certain technologies to construct an enterprise application.

Despite the fact that .NET has had a significant presence in the business for many years, Node.Js has attained popularity in recent years. But, new is not necessarily the greatest, as we shall see in this post. As we go, we will examine each of these technologies and present five reasons why entrepreneurs prefer .NET over NodeJS. Moreover, we will also have a look at ASP.NET vs Node.js. Now let’s get this started with a brief introduction to ASP.NET.

What is ASP.NET?

ASP.NET is an open-source framework developed and maintained by Microsoft. It is a part of the .NET frameworks and libraries developed by Microsoft, and this is majorly used for backend development and server-side scripting. If you like to code in C#, this is the best thing you can get, as the framework uses C# entirely.

Having known about ASP.NET, it would be better to have a look at some popular companies using ASP.NET to understand the scale at which this technology can work.

Popular companies using ASP.NET

JP Morgan Chase

JP Morgan Chase is a behemoth in investment banking and asset management. This company uses ASP.NET in many of its internal tools, websites, and even client-facing programs where speed and reliability are required.


Microsoft is the creator of .NET languages, and it indeed loves them above all. .NET frameworks like ASP.NET are used in plenty across Microsoft products and websites as it is their own developed framework for server-side scripting.


Capgemini is a software consulting and development company that provides development services to large conglomerates around the globe. Capgemini uses ASP.NET internally and also uses the technology on client projects for developing high-quality software.

Now it is time to know more about the competitor NodeJS.

What is Node.js?

Node.js is the most popular JavaScript framework for building websites and mobile apps. It is quick and gives good performance since it is built on Google Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine. Because of its asynchronous, event-driven nature, it is well suited for designing data-intensive applications such as online video streaming sites, chatting programs, and so on. Node.js provides developers a way to use javascript in the backend and frontend both.

Node.js has become quite popular recently, and many large corporations use it, so let’s have a look at the top companies using Node.js in the next section.

Popular companies using Node.js


Netflix is a prominent streaming service that uses Node.js to store user session data and perform server-side rendering. The company’s microservices design demands excellent speed, and Node.js offers the scalability required to handle their load.


The major retail firm Walmart utilizes Node.js to operate its online shop and manage API calls. Node.js enables Walmart to manage enormous quantities of traffic while providing customers with a quick and dependable shopping experience.


NASA, the space agency, uses Node.js for data visualization and the development of apps that manage enormous volumes of data. Node.js gives NASA the scalability and performance it needs to address sophisticated data processing demands.

After knowing both these technologies, it is the best time to head over to ASP.NET vs Node.js comparison and understand some reasons why startups choose ASP.NET over Node.js.

ASP.NET vs Node.js : Which one works best for startup

1. .NET has Better performance

When it comes to performance, many people say that Node.js has a very high performance and execution speed which is somewhat right when you are using single-threading. But today, almost all servers and computers come with multi-core processors, and running single-threaded programs is a waste of resources as other cores may sit idly.

When startups require superfast execution, and optimal utilization of resources, they often turn to .NET libraries and frameworks which provide multi-threading and performance enhancements. This is where ASP.NET takes the upper hand. All .NET frameworks and libraries can be executed in a multi-threaded environment, and this makes them perform much better than Node.js’s single-threaded setup. If anyone ever says that in ASP.NET vs Node.js, Node.js is a better language just explain to them the concept of multithreading and they’ll quickly accept this.

2. C# is Powerful

C# is a powerful language in today’s market. It is a high-level language with the feeling of all C family languages, which are widely loved by developers. C# is typesafe, and it is much better than TypeScript or JavaScript used in Node.js projects.

The language is object-oriented, and it comes with excellent capabilities like LINQ and extension methods. Moreover, even though it is a high-level language, just like other C family languages, this too can work on low-level stuff like direct memory access and pointers to provide immense performance boosts to your projects. Hence, with ASP.NET vs Node.js comparison, ASP.NET is a clear winner as it can also handle low-level system interactions.

3. Better Privacy and Security

All software products that you develop need to have excellent security and privacy measures in place. Data hacks are increasing at an alarming rate, and one of the most important things for a startup is its source code and data. If that gets compromised, the product can lose its competitive advantage.

Privacy and security concerns can often come into your products when you rely too much on open-source and unaudited packages. This is the case with almost all Node.js packages, as they are completely open-source and unaudited. Such packages can be harmful to your production applications, but ASP.NET makes a difference.

Almost all packages in the ASP.NET ecosystem are built and audited by Microsoft. It is a large corporation, and it will not release any package without thorough testing and compliance measures. Due to this, startups prefer to work with ASP.NET when they are working on sensitive products where privacy and security remain central.

4. Stable Ecosystem

Node.js is mostly based on the open-source ecosystem, and it is not the best way to go ahead for large projects. Due to this, there can be stability issues in your project when bugs are not resolved in packages, and you cannot get good support and documentation too. Major contributions to open-source packages come from individual developers who work on packages as hobbies and in their free time.

On the other hand, this changes a lot when you use ASP.NET. Almost every library or package released by the developers is stable, and you can get all support in the form of documentation and bug fixes. Developers adhere to the .NET Core Best Practices which help them leverage the potential .NET functionalities and achieve a stable development process and ultimately enhance the project performance.

This makes ASP.NET a better choice for startups as they cannot rely on a hobbyist programmer to be free and fix bugs in the package.

5. No Need To Use Multiple Languages

Everyone knows that file system operations and some low-level operations are not well with Node.js. Due to this, when companies use Node.js, they need to add other programming languages to their tech stack to work with low-level technicalities. This complicates the tech stack, and the company needs to hire more experienced developers in multiple technologies.

With ASP.NET, C# is the primary language, and it can easily work on low-level as well as high-level functionalities. This removes the need to add multiple languages to the tech stack and simplifies the tech stack largely.

Moreover, such an approach also decreases a startup’s cost and helps them to build applications with lesser team members.


Coming to an end, there is no such technology that can fit all your needs, but technology can only be relevant to your current needs. This will help all the startup leaders to grow their business by using different marketing strategies . As your needs change over time, you might think that the other technology can be a better choice, and that is up to you and how the product evolves over time. But for startups, we have done an ASP.NET vs Node.js comparison and we have listed five reasons that drive ASP.NET over Node.js, and there can be many other reasons apart from the ones covered here. It is very crucial for startups to choose the right framework for their business. We have listed five reasons which works better for startups ASP.NET vs Node.js .

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