Enhancing User Experience: Leveraging Azure Cognitive Services in Azure Application Modernization

The hassles of giving customers the best user experience for a digital-first company are just so nuanced. It requires stitching multiple applications together to bring that experience to some testing, but you still fail to provide further satisfaction.

That’s when reinforcement learning comes in, which allows the AI to learn from real-time experience and helps you adjust the level of personalization based on how users interact. Personalizer in the Azure Cognitive Services in Microsoft Teams now enables you to give such an experience by lifting 40% of the engagement and presenting users only with content that may be interesting.

So, Azure Cognitive Services and Azure application modernization will elevate your personalization horizons. As you read, let’s explore what it offers.

A little background on Azure Cognitive Services

The developer must not be a machine learning wizard to use these services. These custom and pre-built AI capabilities integrated with the API are all you need to embed and boost your applications. When embedded, these algorithms can speak, talk, hear, and understand to make decisions on your behalf.

This means that by using intelligent algorithms, your applications can now contemplate the world in a way that your brain would. So it’s about upgrading your existing systems to do everything intelligently, not just one thing.

This revolutionary Microsoft Azure product consists of a set of services and REST APIs that allow developers to easily add AI functionalities.

How can it elevate the user experience?

There are a few models of Azurе Support Services that you could use to enhance the user experience to the next level. Review these models to understand Azure Cognitive Services in Azure cloud or Azure application modernization better.


By using language models, you can analyze and understand the content with the capability of NLP. Analyze the core concepts across categories and extract comprehensive data from calls, reviews, and more, like a summary. With opinion mining, you can understand the user’s sentiments, extract information from unstructured content, build a custom NLP for enriching conversational experiences based on your requirements, respond to any queries of your customers from your knowledge base, detect any language and classify it accordingly with labels, and get to the main concept by extracting key terms or phrases.


With vision, you can extract data from an image, detect the particulars in the image, describe what the image is all about, and indulge in operations to detect any faces. What goes behind is the computer vision that is pre-trained to detect any objects in the visual elements. Still, with that, you can customize it to visualize elements specific to you. With Read APIs and OCR, it can detect the texts in it; the most innovative thing is that it can detect emotions, facial landmarks, attire, and even makeup. Anyone and everyone who uses the feature to upload an image to their platform can use these capabilities.


It now utilizes the conversation transcription feature, which can help you transcribe the meeting conversations easily without delaying your next steps. For greater quality transcription, you can use a speech service device called the SDK.

Neural text-to-speech uses the deep neural network to make chatting with bots more natural and engaging. You can think of converting an ebook into an audiobook without thinking twice. You can even train the model with custom audio data to be able to pick the industry-specific technical jargon.


You can now translate any text in batches or immediately in 100+ languages. This can be used for in-app communication, multilingual agent conversations, and any translation needs in call centers. You may also use this in Microsoft products and trust it; there are no inputs logged in concerning any text inputs. It’s now easier to translate without relying on translators.

AI Search

You can improve the search experience with AI search in your applications. The employees can find data efficiently within the database using this, which also aids users in finding things, especially on the website, quickly. These APIs are configurable with suggestions, geo search, scoring, faceting, and synonyms. You can improve the user experience within your app with relevant and contextual results. You can implement semantic search to understand the user intent behind search terms, which will also provide quick snippets to them without having to go through numerous results. It can support search capabilities even for large datasets.

Open AI service

You’re on your own with gen AI applications that you can create with this service. You can deploy custom applications using prebuilt models. Whether to build conversational AI, content creation tools, or data grounding. This allows you to run this on your data, gain quick insights, and create chat experiences.

AI Content Safety

This can be highly leveraged by those in online marketplaces, enterprise-level media companies, social messaging platforms, and gaming companies.

It’s a set of text and image-detecting APIs that will look out for harmful content. By dangerous, we mean risky, offensive, or sexual content that can be detected. Using the pre-built templates or workflows, you can create customized content moderation systems to detect content specific to your use case. With which you monitor continuous workflow and enhance performance. Easy-to-configure solutions can help you find the best fit for you as you test different solutions. Begin moderating text, images, and online activity with AI content safety.

AI documentation intelligence

Information extraction can get faster with this service. It uses the machine learning model to extract the text, structures, and tables accurately. You can get specific with your use case by creating custom models to extract data from your documents. So, pre-built or custom, you can achieve a valuable outcome with this service. You can further use this data for analysis or find specific searches in the documents and automate the workflow. You can drive towards more outstanding decision capabilities with this.


You can improvise the content offers and user recommendations with a personalizer. You can adjust its learning loop based on the KPIs you track on a user-friendly interface without knowledge of machine learning. Based on the behavior of the users, their experience can get better, resulting in greater CTR on home pages. AI can help you decide what can drive maximum results. With the apprentice mode, it will learn along with the current solutions. You can validate its results by reproducing it.

Anomaly detector

An anomaly detector is here if you find any abnormalities in time series data. You can also foresee any problems beforehand. Based on your data, it will use the best anomaly detection algorithm to give you greater accuracy. You do not need to train; it detects automatically and adjusts the sensitivity based on the risk profile. You can use this to manage fraud and IoT device traffic and respond to market changes.

The Wrap

Are you intending to extend your existing application capabilities to do much more, or do you want to get into Azure application modernization? You have to go nowhere but to use these AI capabilities in your apps just by embedding them with an API. It is made so that you won’t find it more challenging or require any data science knowledge to do so. The benefits of Azure Cognitive Services include a more significant customer experience, and who wouldn’t need it?

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