15 Top OnlyFans Earners (2023) – How Much Do They Make?

Content producers can get paid by subscribers to their material with the help of OnlyFans. They will receive monthly payments from their fans in addition to tips and pay-per-view revenue. By making a monthly membership payment, you can access content from a content producer. With content creators earning substantial sums of money as a result, OnlyFans rose to prominence as one of the top subscription content sites. The top onlyFans earners, their earnings, and the monthly fees they charge will all be covered in this article.

1. Blac Chyna

Monthly earnings: $20 million

Monthly fee: $19.99

The highest-paid OnlyFans member is Blac Chyna, whose real name is Angela Renee. Reality TV personality, model, and influencer Blac Chyna has over 150 private photos on her account that are only accessible to subscribers. She also became more well-known as a result of her well-known associations with Tyga and Rob Kardashian. Blac Chyna makes almost $20 million a month on OnlyFans on average. Although she had a somewhat high subscription fee when she first joined OnlyFans, people continued to subscribe to her. She had little trouble turning her over 16 million Instagram followers into OnlyFans page subscribers in exchange for a $19.99 monthly charge. She is now at the top OnlyFans earner as a result of this.

2. Bella Thorne

Monthly earnings: $11 million

Monthly fee: Free

The American model, actress, writer, and singer Bella Thorne is ranked second. She gained notoriety after joining OnlyFans by becoming the first influencer and content creator to earn over $2 million in her first week and over $1 million in her first 24 hours on the platform. Her existing fan following, which enabled her to increase her earnings on the platform, is credited with her success. On OnlyFans, she attracted over 24 million subscribers. She used to demand a monthly subscription fee of $9.99, or $11 million, for her service. To access her account, her fans no longer need to pay a subscription fee. Bella Thorne concentrates on providing her subscribers with personal stuff. Before making them available to the broader public, she also provides them a sneak preview of her music videos and images. Bella Thorne gained fame on OnlyFans because she takes the time to respond to each DM from her fans.

3. Cardi B

Monthly earnings: $9.43 million

Monthly fee: $4.99

The American rapper Cardi B is another well-known name on OnlyFans. Cardi B made an agreement with OnlyFans in the summer of 2020 and earns $9.34 million a month on average. Cardi B became the third-highest OnlyFans creator with a monthly cost of $4.99 despite just sharing six posts on her account. She is one of the best OnlyFans creators despite charging a relatively low subscription charge. Cardi B has over 81.7 million followers on OnlyFans, making her one of the most popular users on social media. She joined OnlyFans mostly to dispel rumours, show WAP’s behind-the-scenes films, and discuss some aspects of her personal life. Cardi B’s account is quite popular, and if she adds more stuff, she might surpass.

4. Tyga

Monthly earnings: $7.69 million

Monthly fee: $20

The fourth-highest earner on OnlyFans is the American rap musician Tyga, who earns the most money on the platform. Tyga joined the website to post pictures of his social gatherings and extracurricular activities. Additionally, he makes use of the platform to display his musical prowess or behind-the-scenes material from his music videos. Even though Tyga charges the highest subscription rate of $20, he has more than 21.8 million followers. Before deleting his account to start a rival network, he made more than $7.69 million. She is now at the top OnlyFans earner as a result of this.

5. Mia Khalifa

Monthly earnings: $6.42 million

Monthly fee: $12.99

OnlyFans became well-known for having no restrictions, making it accessible to content producers from various backgrounds. This increased the platform’s popularity for the explicit content that was placed there. Mia Khalifa is one of the most well-known creators in this field. The contentious adult actress from Lebanon carried on with her activities inside OnlyFans. Her followers continued to ask to see more of her content even after she quit the adult industry. For her OnlyFans subscribers, Mia Khalifa continued to provide hot but family-friendly content. Her account rose to the top of the OnlyFans rankings as a result of this. With more than 22.7 million followers and a subscription charge of $12.99, Mia Khalifa makes almost $6.42 million per month.

6. Erica Mena 

Monthly earnings: $4.49 million

Monthly fee: $25.99

Following in the path of her spouse Safaree, American TV celebrity Erica Mena, a former model, joined OnlyFans. As a result of Instagram promotion for her OnlyFans account, she now has over 5.3 million followers. Despite the fact that she might not be as well-known as the individuals named above, Erica Mena earns $4.49 million every month. She was able to quickly redirect her fans from other social media platforms to her OnlyFans account thanks to her powerful online presence. Although she established an exceptionally high subscription price of $25.99, her devoted followers do not mind paying this higher subscription price.

7. Gem101

Monthly earnings: $2.3 million

Monthly fee: $30

Gem101 is one of the most popular OnlyFans accounts, shattering the myth that Only Fans only supports famous people and celebrities. Gem 101 account owner makes $2.3 million each month by charging the highest subscription fee of $30. A model with black hair runs the account and delivers engaging stuff with her followers. This indicates that she delivers high-quality content that satisfies their needs because her admirers are more than prepared to pay the exorbitant subscription charge. She is one of the top-ranking OnlyFans earnings thanks to her over a million subscribers.

8. Pia Mia

Monthly earnings: $2.2 million

Monthly fee: $10

Pia Mia is a Los Angeles-based actress, singer, and influencer. She has an engaging OnlyFans profile with good content that fits her fans’ needs. Pia Mia has made a name for herself in popular culture ever since she began her career on YouTube. Pia Mia has 6.2 million OnlyFans followers who are willing to pay her a $10 monthly fee due to her significant achievement in pop culture. She is now at the top OnlyFans earner as a result of this with a monthly revenue of $2.2 million thanks to her devoted followers.

9. Safaree Samuels

Monthly earnings: $1.91million

Monthly fee: $15

Safaree Samuels, a rapper and TV personality who is Jamaican-American, is best known for having been Nikki Minaj’s ex-boyfriend. His marriage to another well-paid creator, Erica Mena, might have had an impact on his decision to join OnlyFans. $15 is the monthly subscription cost for Safaree Samuels. His income from OnlyFans is one of the highest, despite the fact that it may be less than that of his wife, thanks to his 3.2 million followers. Samuels has a show on the platform called The World of Safaree that airs at 9 pm in addition to his excellent content. He ranks among the with an estimated $2 million in monthly earnings.

10. Mila Mondell

Monthly earnings: $1.5 million

Monthly fee: $20

Another non-celebrity that made the list of the top OnlyFans earnings is Mila Mondell. She is a British model who receives $20 per month in payment from her over 1.1 million OnlyFans fans. She also offers her followers discounts of 5% and 15% for payments made over six and twelve months, respectively. She makes almost $1.5 million per month by sharing obscene information on her profile. Mila Mondell is one of the creators who has made OnlyFans famous due to her enormous popularity on the network.

11. Dannii Harwood

Monthly earnings: $1.4 million

Monthly fee: $12.99

Welsh-born British actress Dannii Harwood began her career in the entertainment sector at the movie production company Club Nylon. She charges her OnlyFans subscribers $12.99 per month and provides discounts of 25% for three months and 50% for a full year. One of the original creators to join OnlyFans was Dannii Harwood. On the platform, she primarily publishes pornographic images and videos. Additionally, her followers can DM her and give her a tip to commission customised, exclusive images and videos. With all of this, Dannii Harwood earns roughly 1.4 million every month.

12. Bella Delphine

Monthly earnings: $1.2 million

Monthly fee: $35

Belle Delphine is an adult actress, model, and YouTuber who was born in South Africa and earns $1.2 million per month from the service. Delphine, who had more than 4.5 million followers on Instagram, was permanently barred from the platform due to her graphic nature. She was additionally suspended from YouTube, which compelled her to sign up for OnlyFans’ no-cost service. She charges a $35 monthly subscription fee. She is a hugely popular performer on OnlyFans who publishes daring material.

13. Megan Barton Hanson 

Monthly earnings: $1.06 million

Monthly fee: $24.99

After making an appearance on Love Island in 2018, British model and influencer Megan Barton Hanson became well-known. Her curves are credited with her success on OnlyFans. Megan flaunts her curvy figure in lingerie, swimwear, and other outfits. For a monthly subscription of $24.98, she offers her followers the most flattering views of her physique. She earns more than $1.06 million a month from her 1.7 million members. This makes her account on OnlyFans, where she isn’t hesitant to flaunt a little flesh, one of the most popular ones. Because she concentrates on providing frequent content to her devoted admirers, her profits are steady.

14. Casanova

Monthly earnings: $1.05 million

Monthly fee: $25

American rapper Caswell Senior, better known by his stage as Casanova, joined OnlyFans in order to increase his revenue during the confinement. Casanova made the choice to demand a $50 monthly subscription fee when he first signed up for OnlyFans. He reduced the cost to $25 per month, nevertheless. As a result of his teasing about publishing pornographic content on the network, Casanova gained a sizable following. There is no proof that he put any nudity on the platform, though he may have done so to support the hefty cost he demanded. Casanova generates roughly $1.05 million from his OnlyFans account despite this.

15. Jem Wolfie

Monthly earnings: $900000

Monthly fee: $5

Australian fitness influencer Jem Wolfie has more than 108k subscribers on her OnlyFans account. After her Instagram account was deleted owing to issues with the platform’s policies, she made the decision to sign up for OnlyFans. She was free to submit exclusive images and videos on OnlyFans without any limitations. To view sexy pictures of her body, her followers must subscribe for $5. Jem Wolfie, despite not being a famous person, is one of the top OnlyFans earners, bringing in about $900,000 every month.

Top Onlyfans Earners Chart 2023

Top Onlyfans Earners Monthly earnings
Blac Chyna$20 million
Bella Thorne$11 million
Cardi B$9.43 million
Tyga$7.69 million
Mia Khalifa$6.42 million
Erica Mena$4.49 million
Gem101$2.3 million
Pia Mia$2.2 million
Safaree Samuels$1.91million
Mila Mondel$1.5 million
Dannii Harwood$1.4 million
Belle Delphine$1.2 million
Megan Barton Hanson$1.06 million
Casanova$1.05 million
Jem Wolfie$900000

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Online content producers can monetize their work in a variety of ways. After looking at the earnings of our top OnlyFans earners, it is clear that OnlyFans is a fantastic platform for creators to monetize their work. Influencers on Only Fans can enhance their revenue by using Only Fans with a strong profile, excellent content, and a solid marketing plan. For individuals who have a sizable following on Instagram and other social media platforms, this is particularly feasible.

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