How to Make Your Photo Blog a Success?

Henri Cartier-Bresson said “to photograph is to put the head, the eye and the heart on the same line of sight”. An art in its own right that captures reality and arouses emotion. Do you like photography and want to share your passion on the net? Is photography your job or will it become?

Then you’ll need a platform to showcase your work and sell your shots. You will see, you will not regret exposing your works to the eyes of Internet users. Are you still hesitating? Read these 4 winning strategies and don’t wait any longer to create your photography blog.

1. Create a photography blog to showcase your shots

The blog is the ideal medium to highlight your photographs. To learn more, discover in this article what blogging is used for. As an image professional, you will have to be vigilant about its visual rendering. Pay attention to the theme and background colors you choose in the image editor.

Most CMS (tools for managing and publishing content on the internet) have themes and features suitable for photo blogs. This is particularly the case of the most famous: WordPress. A quick Google search using the keywords “photo WordPress theme” will show you the extent of your possibilities. To make people want to follow you, the interface should offer a great user experience.

Including a blog section on your photographer’s showcase site is a winning strategy. Select your shots carefully. Post the ones that stand out. Particularly successful ones, with an interesting compositions. Take the opportunity to reveal all your talents! But do not neglect the technical aspects: images that are too heavy will slow down your site, so consider compressing them (while preserving their quality).

2. Offer optimized content to gain visibility

To offer your blog visibility, you will have to work on the referencing of your photographs. Often forgotten, this step nevertheless allows Google’s algorithms to find the path that leads to you. Don’t forget the “Alt attribute” which allows you to describe your photos and promote their referencing. Is all this fuzzy for you? Do not panic, web professionals will be able to guide you.

Your passion is photography and you thought that focusing on the image would be enough? Well, no, you will also have to bet on textual content if your objective is to increase your audience on the net. Love to photograph, but Wikipedia page creation services with referencing and optimizing aren’t your cup of tea?

So, do not hesitate to educate yourself and delegate these tasks to qualified SEO web writers. It will take a thorn out of your mind and allow you to stay focused on what is important to you. They will help you design an editorial plan, and write blog posts that look like you.

This content can be shared on your social networks (Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram) in order to improve the ecosystem of your website and what you’re referencing. You have everything to gain! The richness and regularity of your publications will contribute to your reputation as an active, involved and trustworthy professional.

3. Encourage Internet users to call on you

Make you want to buy

Creating a photo blog reassures potential customers. By browsing from article to article, they will be able to get a clear idea of ​​the style of services you offer. Whether you specialize in professional portraits, wedding or family photography, photojournalism, product photography or purely artistic, you have your place on the web. Developing your digital presence will have an impact on your notoriety and your activity. With one click, your potential customers will know what you have to offer them.

Your online presence will help create a desire or stimulate an already present need. “Wow, this family portrait is beautiful! », « This professional photography is perfectly realized ». “This black and white shot touches me. I would like to buy it”. You have successfully challenged the Internet user and now all he has to do is access your contact or sales page and take the plunge. He may not immediately appeal to you, but thanks to your content, which will have captured his attention, he will remember you.

A blog is an opportunity to stand out from your competitors. Do not hesitate to publish the positive opinions and recommendations of your customers! According to an IFOP survey, 80% of internet users say they use the internet to get information before buying a product or service. It would be a shame to neglect this channel!

Offer photos without risking theft

The Intellectual Property Code (art. L 112-2) protects intellectual works, including “photographic works”. However, it is not uncommon to see images retrieved and used without prior authorization. Remember to protect your photos when you publish them. To do this, you can disable the right click and the “save as” option. WordPress extensions are available to achieve this, but this setting is also available on other platforms such as Wax for example.

To protect yourself from image theft, you can use watermarks. These are gray or transparent inscriptions that appear as a watermark on the photos and allow you to sign them. Editing software such as Photoshop will help you with this, as will specific tools that you can easily find online.

4. Stand out from the competition

Create your blog and let your personality express itself. This is an opportunity to talk about you, your identity, your photographer’s eye. Highlight your photographic projects. What messages, what emotions did you want to convey?

Your readers will be happy to know the stories behind your photos. This will promote discussion and give Internet users the feeling of being in the know. Your blog will allow you to create a link with visitors. Share your expertise and provide advice. Show the reader what makes you unique. Make him want to come back. Unlike a showcase site that contains fixed information, this one can be fed by new content:

  • How to dress for a photo shoot?
  • How does a photo session take place?
  • What events can a photographer cover?
  • How to exhibit your photos?
  • What does a photo studio look like?

“There is no shortage of topics to discuss. To be a photographer, you not only have to look through your lens, but also and above all with your subjective”.

A sentence from the photographer Anne-Laure Jacquart which will also apply wonderfully to the creation of your blog.

Before embarking on a new adventure, we often ask ourselves “why? “, “What can this bring me positive? “. After reading this article, you know that blogging can be a tremendous asset to your business. This will allow you to gain visibility, to stand out from your competitors, to attract new customers, to take control over your content. The writer, Jacques Aubert, said “only those who dare allow themselves the right to succeed”. And you, do you dare?


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