4 Questions You Should Ask Your Real Estate Agent

Asking the right questions is imperative to hire a realtor. Why?

Because it’s easy to find a real estate agent. However, whether you find the right one depends on the questions you ask and the answers you get. Otherwise, you only take a shot in the dark and expect the best outcomes.

It is never a good position to be in. With so many real estate firms striving for business in the market, finding the right match becomes more important.

What Must You Ask a Real Estate Agent Before Hiring?

Competition is high, and so is your benchmark.

But how to decide which agent is right for you? Whether a buyer or a seller, you will want to know general information about each candidate before hiring.

These four questions will help you find the ideal agent for your needs or at least give you a head start.

How Will You Market The Property?

Marketing is everything whenever you’re selling. A good marketing strategy can get the best deals. When you ask a real estate agent about their marketing strategy, you can gauge their working style and competence.

Relying only on promises of getting a specific value isn’t enough. A solid marketing plan can help you get the best price for your property and hence more profits.

Will You Represent Both the Seller and Buyer?

An agent representing both seller and the buyer gets a commission from each. Hence, his liability lies with both. Moreover, negotiation is a significant factor while sealing a deal on a property. But, when they represent both, they can’t negotiate with a full conviction for a single person.

So, if that’s the case with your realtor, it’s a clear red flag.

How Many Properties Have You Dealt with in the Area?

Even in the digital era, when you can find most information about the area on the internet, only some relevant info is available online. That’s why you need to find a real estate agent familiar with the neighbourhood and who has experience dealing with properties.

If the agents answer no to this question, ask them how they plan to extract crucial information about the area. It will give you a clear picture of their action plan.

Is It Possible To Cancel The Agreement?

Besides asking how much commission the agent would charge for the services, one should consider the agreement terms beforehand. It not only keeps you in a safe position but also reveals the agent’s integrity.

If you’re not allowed the cancel the agreement even when you’re unhappy with the services is the biggest downside. Because of such terms, most agents overpromise during the first meeting and end up disappointing. So be wary of it from the get-go.

The Bottom Line

Your first meeting with your realtor is crucial. First, it sets the tone for your further association and offers you an opportunity to ensure you’re hiring someone trustworthy for the job.

Whether your property will languish for months and sell below market value or sell fast and fetch the top price, it boils down to your realtor.

Find a real estate agent using these questions for your first meeting to avoid any regrets in future. Also, ensure hiring someone who not just gives answers but the right answers to these questions.

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