Top 7 Resources To Learn Playwright

Playwright is a Microsoft user script authoring tool for defining interactive content for Microsoft PowerPoint and a development environment for authoring Office solutions. It is a powerful open-source tool that can help you with web automation testing

It enables developers to write scripts that can automatically interact with web pages, including clicking on links, filling out forms, and submitting data. It can also automate the testing of websites and web applications. Microsoft Playwright supports all major browsers, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and Edge.

To get the most out of Playwright, it is essential to have a solid understanding of how it works. If you want to learn Playwright, there are a lot of free resources available for you to check out. This blog lists different resources, including tutorials and e-learning courses to help you learn Microsoft Playwright.


Top 7 resources to learn Playwright

Here are seven great resources to help you learn Microsoft Playwright:


1. Microsoft Playwright Documentation

The official documentation from Microsoft provides comprehensive information on how to use Playwright and its various features. This includes tutorials, API references, and code samples. It also covers topics like setting up projects, writing tests, running them, debugging errors, and more. 

With this documentation, users can learn the basics of setting up a Playwright project, writing automated tests, and running their tests on multiple browsers. The documentation also includes an extensive list of sample codes that demonstrate how to use specific features of Playwright.

For example, the tutorial section provides step-by-step instructions on how to write a simple automated test using Playwright. The API reference section provides detailed information on the various methods and classes available in Playwright. This includes a description of each function, its parameters, and example code snippets.

Finally, the code samples section provides scripts demonstrating how to use Playwright effectively. These samples include scripts that show how to automate page interaction, take screenshots, and run tests in multiple browsers.

Through the official documentation from Microsoft, users can get up-to-date information on how to use Playwright and unlock its full potential for automated testing. With a comprehensive set of tutorials, API references, and code samples, users can quickly start writing their own automated tests.


2. LambdaTest

LambdaTest provides a wealth of resources for Microsoft Playwright users, from webinar recordings and blog posts to in-depth articles, on topics like on-page elements and Puppeteer conversions.  

For example, one webinar recording covers the basics of using Playwright, while another focuses on debugging automated tests with Playwright. The blog posts provide tips and tricks for optimizing your workflow with Playwright and other relevant information.

In addition, LambdaTest offers workshops that teach users how to use Playwright effectively in their projects. This includes detailed instructions on best practices for setting up new projects, debugging automated tests, and more. By participating in these workshops, you can quickly become proficient at using Playwright in your workflows.

Finally, LambdaTest provides detailed articles on topics like page elements and Puppeteer conversions. These articles are written in an easy-to-understand way and provide step-by-step instructions for how to use Playwright effectively. 

For example, one article might explain how to use the `page.waitForXPath` command to wait for a specific element on the web page before proceeding with an automated task. Another article could offer detailed instructions on converting your existing Puppeteer scripts into Playwright code. With this assistance, getting up and running with Microsoft Playwright will be much easier.

LambdaTest is an invaluable resource for anyone looking to get started or improve their skills with Microsoft Playwright. With the help of its webinars, blog posts, articles, and workshops, you can quickly become a Playwright master. The next time you require assistance with Playwright, check out LambdaTest’s range of resources.

In conclusion, LambdaTest provides a comprehensive selection of Microsoft Playwright resources that can help beginners and experts. Whether you are looking for webinar recordings, blog posts, detailed articles, or workshops, they have it all. With their guidance, Playwright can be used to create powerful automation scripts with ease.

By taking advantage of LambdaTest’s resources, you can get the most out of Microsoft Playwright and start automating your projects quickly and efficiently.


3. Playwright Docs

The official Playwright docs provide detailed information on installing and using the framework and tutorials for setting up projects and running automated tests. It also offers a comprehensive API reference for each supported browser.

Installing and using the framework requires a few steps, but the official Playwright docs provide comprehensive guidance in every step.

To begin, users should refer to the installation guide, which outlines all the necessary prerequisites for setting up the environment. It then explains how to install Playwright on various platforms, such as Windows, macOS, and Linux. After installation, users can start exploring the framework and its features by referring to the tutorials available in the documentation.

For example, users can learn how to create projects with Playwright by following the project setup tutorial. This tutorial explains creating a basic project structure that includes all necessary files for running automated tests with Playwright. Additionally, it provides instructions on configuring browsers so that tests can be executed in different environments.

Once projects are set up and configured correctly, users can start running automated tests with Playwright. The documentation provides helpful tutorials on creating and executing tests using the framework and debugging test failures. It also includes various code snippets that can be used to get started with automated testing in Playwright quickly.

In conclusion, the official Playwright docs provide comprehensive information on installing and using the framework and helpful tutorials for setting up projects and running automated tests. By following these steps, users can quickly get started with Playwright and begin exploring its features.


4. Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow is an online community for developers to get help with coding issues and answer questions about using Microsoft Playwright and other frameworks. It is designed to provide users with helpful answers from other experienced developers.

It contains a wealth of questions and answers related to installing the framework, running tests, debugging errors, etc., which can be extremely helpful when working with Playwright or any other automation framework.

For example, someone might post a question on Stack Overflow asking how to debug an issue they are having while using Playwright. Other experienced developers can then offer solutions and advice based on their experiences. Additionally, Stack Overflow allows users to search through related posts and topics for more specific questions.

In addition, Stack Overflow also offers users the ability to upvote or downvote answers and comments so that the best solutions rise to the top. This helps ensure that new users have access to accurate and reliable information when asking questions or seeking advice regarding Playwright or any other framework they may be working with.

To illustrate this, let’s consider a scenario where a developer is having trouble creating a web page with Playwright. They can post their question and any relevant code snippets to Stack Overflow, where experienced developers can provide helpful suggestions and solutions. This makes it easier for the developer to find what they need quickly and efficiently.

Similarly, suppose the developer has questions about how to use another framework, such as React or Angular. In that case, they can pose those questions on the Stack Overflow community and get answers from experienced developers who know that particular framework. This helps ensure developers have the knowledge they need to create successful web pages.

In addition to specific coding questions, users can also ask general questions about web development and frameworks like Playwright. This gives developers a chance to get help from experienced professionals and share their experiences and knowledge.

In conclusion, Stack Overflow is an excellent resource for developers of all skill levels looking for help using Playwright and other frameworks. Its helpful community and easy-to-use interface make it easier for developers to get the answers they need quickly and efficiently.


5. Udemy Course

Udemy is an online platform that provides comprehensive courses on various topics. Udemy courses offer a comprehensive introduction to working with Playwright. These courses cover creating automated tests using Playwright, understanding the architecture of the Playwright API, and leveraging Playwright for debugging and performance optimization. 

In addition, these courses often include practical examples that demonstrate how to apply Playwright in real-world scenarios. By taking advantage of Udemy’s course offerings, users can quickly gain a comprehensive knowledge of Microsoft Playwright and become proficient in its usage.

For example, one popular course on Udemy is “Playwright Complete Beginner Course.” This course covers topics such as setting up a test environment for Playwright testing, writing simple automation scripts using the Playwright API, and debugging tests with the built-in tools. It also covers topics like setting up projects, writing tests, running them on different browsers, and debugging errors. Through this course, students can understand how to use Microsoft Playwright and apply it in testing scenarios.

Another course, “The Complete Microsoft Playwright Course With Python,” provides a more in-depth look at the features of Microsoft Playwright. This course dives into topics like writing custom scripts to automate UI tests, performance testing with Playwright, and using advanced features like page interception and emulation. Through this course, users can gain a more comprehensive knowledge of Microsoft Playwright and become experts in its usage.

Overall, Udemy’s courses on Microsoft Playwright provide an excellent starting point for those interested in learning how to use the tool. With their wide variety of courses available, users can find something that fits their needs and start learning from the comfort of their own homes. By taking advantage of these courses, users can quickly gain the necessary skills and knowledge to become proficient in its usage and apply it in real-world scenarios.


6. Medium Articles

Many articles on Medium discuss how to use Playwright for various tasks. These articles offer insights into specific use cases and tips for using Playwright more effectively.

For example, one article might focus on setting up automated tests with Playwright, providing step-by-step instructions on initializing a testing environment, and writing test scripts. Another piece might explain how to use Playwright to automate web scraping, discussing features such as page navigation, data extraction, and headless mode.

In addition to providing technical guidance, these articles often include tips for getting the most out of Microsoft Playwright. This may include information about troubleshooting errors or optimizing scripts to increase efficiency. By reading these articles, readers gain valuable knowledge that can make them more effective in using this powerful automation tool.

Ultimately, the wide variety of articles available on Medium discusses how to use Playwright for various tasks, making it easier for readers to find the information they need and apply it to their projects. 

By learning to take advantage of all these automation tools, readers can become more productive and efficient in their work. Reading these articles lets readers know the best practices and troubleshooting techniques to help them get the most out of this automation tool.


7. YouTube

YouTube is one of the best resources for learning Microsoft Playwright due to its expansive library of instructional videos and tutorials. The platform offers a wide range of content related to Playwright, from tutorials on how to get started with the automation tool to more advanced topics such as writing automated tests. 

These videos are created by professionals, allowing users to learn directly from experts in the field. Furthermore, YouTube provides numerous playlists and channels dedicated solely to teaching about Playwright, making it easy for users to find what they need.

For example, one popular YouTube channel is Automation Step by Step – Raghav Pal. This channel has over 200 videos related to Microsoft Playwright, ranging from beginner topics about getting started with the automation tool to more advanced topics like running automated tests in parallel on different browsers. 

This channel also provides helpful tips and tricks for experienced users looking to optimize their workflow. The videos are usually short and easy to follow, making them ideal for learners of all levels. In addition, many of the tutorials are produced by experts in the field, so you can be confident that you’re learning from the best.

With a wide range of content from experienced professionals and beginner enthusiasts alike, users can find all the latest information about this powerful automation tool. 

Additionally, YouTube provides playlists and channels explicitly tailored toward those who wish to learn more about Microsoft Playwright, making it easy for users to find what they need. As such, YouTube is an excellent resource for learning about Microsoft Playwright.

Take your skills with Microsoft Playwright to the next level with the comprehensive collection of tutorials on YouTube. From beginner-level basics to advanced techniques, the videos provide everything you need to become an expert in no time. Don’t wait any longer – get started today and make the most of this powerful tool!



There are many resources available to learn Microsoft Playwright. From official documentation and tutorials to online courses and open-source projects, these top seven resources provide a great starting point for learning how to use the powerful automation tool. So take advantage of these resources today and start writing scripts with Playwright!

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