Free, Fast & Secure Software to Remote Control PC

What is the best software to remote control PC?

The remote desktop software lets you connect to remote computers and access your files from anywhere. Nowadays, there are too many choices for remote desktop software, making it difficult for users to choose the best one. But don’t worry. This post has investigated in-depth and picked out the best free software to remote control PC.

AnyViewer: Free, fast & secure software to remote control PC

AnyViewer is free, quick, and secure software to remote control PC. It allows you to get to your stuff on a remote computer or provide professional support to a remote computer from wherever you are.

Why choose AnyViewer for the remote control?

Why choose AnyViewer for the remote control among so many other choices? Here are the reasons.

  • Free for all kinds of uses. AnyViewer is free, whether you’re using it for personal or business uses.
  • Simple to use. AnyViewer is easy to download and install. With its intuitive interface, users can quickly set it up and get started.
  • Fast & stable connection. AnyViewer automatically connects to the best server to provide a quicker and smoother remote control experience.
  • Secure remote access. AnyViewer uses Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) encryption for transferring data between distant and local computers.
  • Widely compatible. AnyViewer supports Windows, iOS, and Android. You can connect to a remote PC from another PC or from a mobile device.

What can you perform using AnyViewer?

What can you perform using AnyViewer? Here are some examples.

  • Work remotely & Virtual office

AnyViewer allows you to remotely access an unattended work computer from home as if you are physically in the office. You can transfer files or copy and paste texts between the local and remote computers.

  • Remote support & Help desk

AnyViewer provides a list of operation shortcuts, such as restarting a remote computer, opening This PC, and running run CMD, making it convenient to support your friends, colleagues, or customers remotely.

  • Collaboration & Teamwork

AnyViewer is an excellent tool for team collaboration. You can share your screen with your team members and do online presentations. The instant chat box also allows you to chat with your team members.

How does AnyViewer work?

To get started with AnyViewer quickly, follow the steps below.

Step 1. Install and launch AnyViewer on both computers. On the remote computer, go to Log in and create an AnyViewer account in advance.


Step 2. On the local computer, log in to the same account. The local computer will automatically be assigned to the account you have logged in to.


Step 3. You’ll see all the devices logged in to the same account here. Choose the remote computer, and click One-click control to access it directly. You can also click View the screen to watch the remote screen.


What else you should know?

The above steps are beneficial when connecting to an unattended computer. But if you need to remotely support a client and don’t want them to have access to your computer, AnyViewer offers you a sure way to establish a remote connection.

Step 1. Go to the Device tab, input the partner ID on the box, then click Connect.


Step 2. Choose Send a request to your partner.

Step 3. The computer on the other end will get a message that shows which computer is requesting control. Allow should be chosen to establish a remote connection between the two devices. 


The bottom line

This post primarily introduces the best free software to remote control PC, AnyViewer, and shows each step you need to take to connect to a remote PC. AnyViewer offers fast, simple, and secure remote access; even a computer illiterate can quickly get started. Besides, it also provides users with many impressive features for remote work, remote support, and remote teamwork, for example, unattended remote access, file transfer, instant chat, and screen sharing. If you are having a problem choosing the best remote desktop software, don’t hesitate to try AnyViewer.

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