Top Reasons to Use AMPs For Your Website

Accelerated Mobile Pages, called AMPs, are meant to increase site loading speeds on mobile. Yes, Silicon Graphics can provide you with these and other eCommerce amenities. So do not hesitate to contact us soon. Now back to the topic. Google cache can recognize web pages made in this pattern. No wonder why these are vital to reduce bounce rates for websites. As well, offer high performance and site adaptability. Thus, it can open without a hitch or glitch on different devices and platforms. 


In addition, AMPs help with SEO optimization and help keep track of the whole process. These improve your static web pages and regulate them even faster than your typical HTML pages. Accelerated Web Pages are like an open-source platform to guide web publishers. It enables them to render heavy pages on a lighter note. Thus, allowing them to load faster on a smartphone. But if you feel that you don’t know any suitable individual to do it for you. SG is the best company to your rescue. It offers the best Web development services Dubai and international clients endorse.


For now, let’s take a close look at how accelerated mobile pages win it for you. How do they affect the loading process of a website? Also, it substantially reduces bounce rates and helps you collect lots of potential customers in the bag. Let’s do this!


1. AMPs Offer Quicker Page Loading Speeds

Surveys by many companies and experts reveal that these provide 4X the speed of other pages. It shows how crucial they’ve become after all these years. The other side of the coin is that they require lesser data for the process. It’s shocking to tell you that it uses 8-times less data than usual. Mostly the credit goes to its open-source nature. It acts as a framework map that facilitates users to control the data accrual levels of their web pages. Faster loading speeds for web pages are one of the most popular features of AMPs. Mind it!


2. AMPs Reduce Website Bouncing Rates

Many studies reveal that it only takes three seconds or more to hit a bounce rate of a staggering 30%. Therefore, it is the most unfortunate thing you can ever come across your site. Simply put, mobile-centric web pages allow you to get out of this bottle-neck hugging situation. 

Moreover, these enable you to step up the cut-throat competition. It is one of the primary reasons AMPs are known as your brand’s savior. Besides, creating user-friendly websites make them favorites for browser companies such as Google, Microsoft Edge, and Firefox. Also, it allows you to increase ROI conversions, increase business credibility, and boost sales. 


3. AMPs Offer Accelerated Mobile Pages SEO

Unquestionably, these two factors play a vital role to roll in enormous profits for your business. Besides, these two elements are known for enhancing your website’s speed and loading performance. The best part you will hear all day is that Google acknowledges them. Enjoying a seamless website experience is the best thing you can offer to smartphone users. Accelerated Mobile Pages bestow this gift on your brand. It allows winning the confidence of your potential customers, knowing their time and money is in safe hands. 


4. AMPs Improves & Boost Site Performance

These are highly flexible, thus, encouraging adaptability across different platforms (operating systems). It is a dedicated open-source framework that allows web developers to streamline websites across devices. Hence, allowing you to yield more returns for your investments. The whole website concept seems to provide users with freedom. On Contrarywise, the struggle is real if websites tend to lose their efficiency for mobile devices. It doesn’t boost the site’s performance but considerably shakes it off of organic traffic. 


5. AMPs Increase Web Traffic & SERPs Ranking

Incontestably, you get on top of the crawl and index bracket for Google and other search engines. You see your SERPs ranking improves with leaps and bounds, cruising ahead of the competition like a roadrunner. And why not so, since these pages complement SE algorithms. Your pages load quickly at fast lightning speeds. Plus, the blazing speeds catch users’ attention who often visit your website. 


6. AMPs Improve Website Interactivity

These lightweight pages improve interactivity considerably well in contrast to their counterparts. AMPs also counter unstable internet connections, i.e., load faster than other links on the front page of the browser. It shows how loading speeds act inversely proportional to “interruptive internet’ moments. Visitors start to love your website and know that you’re the real deal for them. 


7. Significant Increase in Click-Through Ratings

You see high scores of CTRs (click-through rates) teaming up together. The teeming of user clicks and visitors on your website is only possible for your first-page Google rankings. AMPS truly helps you outperform others, trying their best to boost their platforms via SEO optimization. Sadly, they don’t see you’re battling against them with a two-edged sword.


8. AMPs Amplify Advertisement Viewership

You can now insert HTML shrewdly by using the Amplifier: for real. Also, improve your banner ads and images to work efficiently alongside. As a result, you attain a higher audience viewership watching your advertisements on the web. It also allows ad publishers to monetize their content owing to its enduring “visible on the internet” popularity. 



Undoubtedly, these web pages intensify the Google analytics chart. Each metric hits its all-time high. Consequently, you reach the finish line well before others. You stand in the first position due to your overwhelming conversions. AMPs amplify your website’s organic traffic, boosts sales, improve ROI conversions, and increase business credibility. As well, improve brand awareness amidst millions of other relevant businesses. 

Furthermore, it allows you to provide website versions that feel different from others. They look like the better variants of their predecessors. It is the primary reason website developers are dumping sluggish page platforms for Accelerated Mobile Pages.

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