Using DeskFlex to Find and Book Flexible Office Space

Using DeskFlex allows you to find and book flexible office space. The software also integrates with Outlook/MS, and you can easily sync your calendars and room scheduling systems. You can also get a free 30-day trial.

Online marketplace for flexible office space

Using a service like deskflex can be a real time saver and a real treat for you and your employees. The best part is that you get to choose from thousands of workspaces in over a thousand different locations across the nation. It’s like having your own personal concierge in your home office, only with a fraction of the overhead. You can also be assured that your staff won’t be stuck in a boring conference room, or worse, the office elevator. Not to mention, the best part about the service is you can choose from a variety of amenities such as meeting rooms, lounges, or conference rooms. This is an ideal solution for companies who want a flexible workspace and the flexibility to grow and evolve with their business.

Syncs calendars and room scheduling systems

Using Deskflex to sync calendars and room scheduling systems can streamline your organization’s business processes. It can help you save money and time. And it may even improve your profits!

Deskflex is a browser-based room booking management platform. It allows you to reserve space quickly and easily. It also offers flexibility and customization for facilities.

DeskFlex can integrate with Outlook calendars and Microsoft Active Directory. You can also set up rules for group bookings. With a single password, you can access your room booking calendars from anywhere. You can also get real-time status on equipment usage.

It also has an interactive map that displays the location of each desk. You can use the system to search for colleagues or check in and out quickly. Using the Deskflex app, you can also set up alerts for guest errors.

Integrates with Outlook/MS Exchange Integration

Organizing meetings can be a hassle, but DeskFlex makes it easy with its flexible scheduling software. It is designed to help businesses, education, government, and other organizations schedule meetings and conferences. It allows users to make reservations, check room availability, and more. It also offers other benefits, including workspace analytics, a COVID prevention module, and more.

DeskFlex’s Microsoft Outlook integration is an important feature that streamlines office tools. It helps users manage space reservations, team meetings, and equipment reservations. It also reduces the number of no-shows, which can lead to cancellation of meetings. It also syncs scheduled events to the company’s calendar.

It is also useful in the healthcare industry. Its Contact Tracing feature lets users track infected individuals. It also prevents the spread of infections through masks or other infected items.

Offers a 30-day free trial

Getting a free trial is a great way to test drive a product or service without breaking the bank. There are plenty of free trial offers to choose from, including the ubiquitous free trial offered by Amazon. It’s also possible to sign up for a free trial of an ad-free version of Hulu or HBO.

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Is not PCI-compliant

Whether you are a business owner or an employee, you have probably heard of the PCI DSS, also known as the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. This standard is designed to protect credit card information and ensure that it is secure. It is mandatory for businesses that handle credit cards.

One of the most common PCI violations is failing to maintain a cleanroom environment. Another violation is reading sensitive information out loud. A third violation is storing documents in an unsecured location. In addition, there are tools to help improve card processing.

The PCI Security Standard Council has a standard that outlines requirements for companies to comply with. The standard is free and is available at The standard is 112 pages and contains requirements that an organization must adhere to.

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