8 Inspiring Logo Designers to Follow on YouTube

Do you want to become an essential logo designer? Or are you discovering some remarkable ways to improve your inspiring logo designer’s design abilities? Then it would be best if you started learning from some of the best designers. There are several ways to get inspired by great logo designers.

8 Logo Designers To Follow:

A logo designer has to create a unique visual identity for the client. This means that they have to come up with a concept that is original and memorable. They should also ensure that the final result looks professional, clean, and attractive.

Below are some inspiring logo designers on YouTube:

1- Adobe Creative Cloud:

The industry-leading YouTube channel has around 200k subscribers and many videos that are well worth seeing.

The value of the content that this channel publishes contributes to its high ranking among all top YouTube Graphic design channels.

The goal of this channel is to keep its viewers informed and active in the program and industry.

This channel will teach everyone what you need to know about user experience and visuals.

All learners and new designers who want to discover much about graphic design should subscribe to the channel.

2- Charli Marie:

She is a graphic designer and YouTuber located in London who covers various issues in her handy videos.

Charli Marie shares her private and experienced life to smooth out the custom logo design services and employment advice-focused films she creates, such as her short clip on how and why she learned to code.


Since he was twelve, he has been a creative, famous style cinematographer and successful businessman. He is the founder of this YouTube channel. He is now concentrating on producing useful material for startups and creators.

You will find video tutorials for Adobe products such as Illustrator, Premiere Pro, Indesign, Audition, and Xd in the video library. He wanted to set up a business annually when he was thirteen.

Tutvid has become one of the top YouTube channels for professionals of any skill level who want to learn Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator tips and techniques.

It will undoubtedly be worthwhile to have a quick glimpse at it and see how it might help you improve your talents.

4- Creatnprocess:

He specializes in logo design, which is evident in his published information. It includes helpful design instructions that can help you amaze your boss or client. The films are simple to follow, and each frame includes Inspiring Logo Designers details to assist you further.

5- Dan Gartman:

You would believe Dan Gartman is merely a tattooed pair of hands who can blow through with a pencil, drawing at a breakneck speed based on his videos. And while he does that, he doesn’t stop there.

Dan has several tutorials on his YouTube channel, including one on using a grid as an illustration tool and another on making line art look fantastic. The majority of his videos, though, are fast drawing videos.

6- Logos by Nick:

People are addicted to Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop; some people like to broaden their horizons by introducing tutorials based on other applications like Inkscape and GIMP.

The voiceover enhances the film by bringing it to life and guiding you through each step.

7- Matt Borchert:

Matt Borchert is a Minneapolis-based creator that works in tutorials. He’s discussed choosing the appropriate hard drive and whether to buy a system or a Mac laptop.

Although most of his videos are instructional, he also includes movies on more considerable skills designers should master, such as enhancing UX with Nielsen’s 10 usability criteria and dealing with negative criticism of their work. He also proposes inspiring logo designers’ recommendations on what designers utilize and encourages viewers to select suitable products.

8- Gigantic:

His actual identity is Marco, a Montenegrin graphic artist who works with Adobe Illustrator to produce flat character designs.

Many of his videos have the word “easy” in the title. Click on any of these to see him take you to step by step by producing a specific character or a particular character creation component in Adobe Illustrator. He isn’t underselling himself; instead, he makes his work appear simple to the audience.


Inspiration comes from everywhere. Focus on learning from the things around you. The more you observe, the better you’ll get at designing.  The logo should represent the company or brand well. It should also convey the message.


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