Learn More About The ‘Sugar Daddy’ | A Work Made For Women That Men Should Read

“Historically those behaviors of having a relationship with someone older have always existed.”

“It is a support when you are away from your country and loved ones, because it gives you loyalty, respect, understanding and honesty.”

For a few years, a social phenomenon of interpersonal relationships has taken precedence that seems to be new, but in reality it is as old as interest in itself. It is about the multiple definitions that keep the anglicism ‘Sugar Daddy‘, or ‘Papá de Azúcar’, which does not sound so attractive in Spanish.

By reading the term in the title of this work, you may already understand what it means to have, or be, a Sugar Daddy, but for those people, especially women, who live in a difficult day to day and do not have much time to review social networks due to the limitations of their jobs or lifestyle in general, you may be interested in this article.

Let’s summarize that it is a relationship that has common interests between an adult man, over 35 years old, and a young woman younger than him by at least 10 years, who reach a transactional agreement for the company of each one, not necessarily sex, to achieve material, economic or social status benefits.

In the words of France Jiménez, a 28-year-old university student, he is “an elderly person who helps a young girl financially. It’s like getting a goose that lays the golden eggs.”

That same definition is shared by Fernanda (pseudonym), a 31-year-old administration professional, commenting that a Sugar must necessarily be a “man with money and much older, who shares a contractual relationship with a woman.”

However, both differ when asked if they would maintain such a relationship. For France, having a Sugar “is not a bad thing, because there are many women who like adult men. If it were my turn, I would, because I am very interested in the money that a man can offer. It’s a normal thing,” she insisted.

Fernanda, closer to the ideas of feminism, assured that “I would never have it, and it is not a feminist issue of women’s independence; it is that I do not agree that a person pays me to reach her goal with me ”. In this case, she compared it to “accepted prostitution.”

Sugar Daddy History

One of the most visited pages of encounters between Sugar Daddy and Sugar Baby (I explain this concept below) in Spain, reveals that the origin of the term dates back to the beginning of the 20th century and was generated in the city of San Francisco, California, United States. Joined.

This defined the relationship between Adolph B. Spreckels, a magnate who owned the Spreckels Sugar Company, and his fiancée, the model Alma de Bretteville Spreckels, 24 years his junior.

The young woman met her future husband one afternoon in 1899 and was thoroughly impressed by his business success and personal charms. For this reason, she affectionately called him her “Sugar Daddy”, becoming over the years one of the most famous couples in all of San Francisco. Also read how to find a sugar daddy on Snapchat.

The Sugar Daddy Today and the ‘SugarDating’

The phenomenon of social networks inserts into everyday life thousands of topics that seemed banal for a generation of people, although for the so-called ‘generation Z’ these windows have become their ways of expressing, believing and knowing.

In this sense, it is through the networks and websites where “Sugardating” relationships are popularized: transactional appointments that include a person with purchasing power and a younger person who needs financial support.


Websites such as SugarDaddySpain , MySugardaddy from Argentina, as well as variants in Latin American countries with a special presence in Mexico, Colombia and Brazil, are the ones that allow Sugardating encounters. Also, there are the ‘ventures’ of women who use their social networks to attract men with money and take advantage of an agreed relationship.

The Sugar Babies

This concept is already intrinsic to that of the Sugar Daddy, we do not doubt at any time the analysis capacity of the readers. But, not to leave anything to misinterpretation, the Sugar Baby is the woman between 20 and 30 years old who is looking for a relationship with men who are usually twice her age and with ample economic solvency, so that they please her cravings, tastes and needs. , all based on mutual agreements.

These women are willing to go out in public, accompany them on trips and social gatherings, as well as to listen, talk or advise the Sugars in any situation that they demand or that is in the agreement. Sure, sex is also an important part that most men sneak into such deals, but it’s up to her to accept it or not.

Prostitution 2.0?

For Vanessa Sayago, a young 24-year-old journalist, Sugardating is an invention of society, “because historically those behaviors of having a relationship with someone older have always existed, and I think it is the most subtle form of ‘prostitution 2.0’ in these time. A Sugar is basically a client to whom you owe a certain exclusivity and they reward you for your actions financially”.

In contrast, Eliza Ortega, a 26-year-old entrepreneur, believes that the most important thing is to respect the agreements that can be had in a Sugar relationship; The first of them is to understand that “it is a company in social events or trips, it should not only be sex, in the event that we reach that it must be consensual, that we both want to go to bed.”

However, the Argentine psychologist Agustina Fernández maintains that “when money comes into play in exchange for sexual relations, we are in a complicated area, because there are also marriages made for economic interest. But we cannot deny that the limit with prostitution is very finite”.

A Question of Power

The specialist warns that Sugar relationships are “risky links” because “a person who is older, has a longer life and more money, has power over the other that is more easily influenced.”

And there is the case, in which an adult person close to old age tries to live the intensity of a contemporary relationship, which could create a certain dependence towards “the false illusion that the young person is going to give something of that youth”. In this case, the woman would have total control over the relationship and would derive great economic benefits from it, putting the mental and financial stability of the older man at risk.

What Do You Need to Be a Sugar Daddy?

In this section we will let the women surveyed express their ideas. So for Mary Molina, a 22-year-old content creator for social networks, he is “an elderly man with a good economic position”, although he made it clear that he would not look for a Sugar because he considers himself “a fairly independent woman”. .

Mildred Rico, a 24-year-old informal worker, envisioned that it must be “an older adult couple who help financially. If so, she would have it.”

Nelsymar Morales, a 22-year-old Venezuelan migrant in Colombia, mentions that he necessarily has to be “mature and correct, to help with any economic issue.” In addition, “it is a support when you are away from your country and loved ones, because it gives you loyalty, respect, understanding and honesty.” She adds that she had been in such a relationship, and that her experience demonstrated a caring man “who was not petty or petty.” 

Bris D’Felice, a 26-year-old saleswoman of cosmetic products, defines him as a “slightly advanced man with comfortable economic stability, enough to support in every way a woman or man much younger than him, who in return he will repay you with a lot of ‘love’”.

Neymar Rodríguez, a 25-year-old young wife and housewife, explains that “if he doesn’t have money, he is not a Sugar Daddy”, and assured that he would try a relationship of this type, if the opportunity arose, to help her husband with the expenses. of home.

Nelkis Cabrera, a 26-year-old single mother, is convinced that “he is almost always an older person who seeks to satisfy his needs with young girls and in return they fulfill all your whims”; she also commented to have been part of a contractual relationship.

Don’t Worry… There’s Also Sugar Mommy  

We could summarize that it is everything we have read, but with the genres reversed. Although it is a rare case, since it only occurs in 2.8% of Sugardating relationships. The Sugar Mommy is the wealthy and successful woman who seeks to satisfy her companionship needs with a young man twice her age, in exchange for cars, clothes and nights of sex.

It mostly happens when older women are having problems with their husbands or when they are going through a divorce. Other women feel pleasure in managing the economy in relationships, after maintaining a life of comforts and luxuries.

Curious fact for Venezuelans

Among Latin American women there is a symbol of the Sugar Daddy at an international level, it is the Italian millionaire businessman and model Gianluca Vacchi, who is close to many artists of the urban pop music genre and even appeared in several videos and magazines of this type.

It turns out that the Sugar stereotype among Latinas was conquered by the young Venezuelan model and fashion designer Sharon Fonseca, 27 years his junior, and in October 2020 they both conceived their first daughter named Blu Jerusalema Vacchi. In addition, they have been in a relationship for two years.

Finally, if you are a woman you will surely agree with the above definitions, but if you are a man and still do not understand what you need to be a Sugar, it is easy: a lot of money; If not, go back to the beginning of this article.

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