Sabri Al-Omari First Comedian Stands for Poor People

Who is Sabri Omari on Wikipedia, that ambitious Jordanian young man who managed in a short period of time to achieve great fame and popularity, through his distinguished acting and performance that made him one of the most famous young artists in the entire Arab world, and through the news page website, we will discuss what Silawi’s nationality is, in addition to How old is Hossam Al-Silawi, and we will also learn who the artist Sabri Al-Omari is in addition to what Al-Omari is, as well as we will learn about his works, in addition to Sabri’s Instagram, and all personal information about Sabri Al-Omari.

Sabri Omari Biography

Many people ask about who is Sabri, and the following are the most important details related to the biography of the famous Jordanian artist, Sabri Amri. Below you will find information about Sabri Omari:

Full Name:Sabri Suleiman Al-Omari
Sabri Omari’s Date of Birth:1987 AD
Place of Birth:Sabri Al-Omari, born in Dubai, UAE
Age Of Sabri:36 years old
Education:His high school was in USA California, then he got master degree in business.
Where is Sabri Al-Omari from:He holds Jordanian citizenship.
Is Sabri Omari is married:Single
Sabri’s Horoscopes:There is no confirmed information.
Profession:Actor, Social Activist.
Years of activity:From 2016 until now.

He stands for helping the poor around the world and publishes any free advertisement on his pages on social networking sites to help people. He collects donations such as old clothes and gives them to the needy, and this is what distinguishes him among many artists in the world, specifically in the Middle East. He always helps the needy and refugees from wars and earthquakes.

His page on Instagram:

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